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Welcome to

First Presbyterian Church



“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]

Welcome to First Presbytarian Church


“God sends his love and his faithfulness,”

says the Psalmist, and here we are,

gathered together

 as a family, and we are called

First Presbyterian Church. 

We make our homes in

Mississippi County, Arkansas.

Along the mighty Mississippi River in the heartland of the Delta. 

Our homes are in a quaint

town called Blytheville, and yet

we are spread across this nation

that is under God.

We are not alike.

We differ in interests and experiences,

in race, in gender,

in age, and in abilities, just as we differ in our

personalities and our appearances. 

We do not find our unity in our similarities. 

We are not separated by our differences.

But the diversities we offer

Add up to preparing us, God’s children, 

for works of service, so that the body of Christ

may be built up until we all reach the unity

that we find only in Jesus Christ.



Sunday Worship

Sunday morning service

10:30 AM




Help Those In Need

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord,
and he will repay him for his deed.” 

[Proverbs 19:17]

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