About Us

Looking through the pages of this website,

and remembering the friends and family

of old, I see why this outreach is so important.

These pages are an indispensible resource for our

congregation because it shows us:


We have lost some dear friends, and we have

gained many new ones. And yes,

we have changed, as we grow older together. 

And we still gather together in response to the 

gracious invitation of our Lord to sit

down at the table together, to share with

one another, and to find our place

in ministry to the church, to our homes, 

 to our community, and to the world

in which God has called us!

Our Pastor:
Pastor, Mike Wey
Email: mikewey66@gmail.com
Be Inspired
First Presbyterian Church
Sunday morning service
10:30 AM

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1520 North 10th Street
Blytheville, Arkansas 72315

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